Proper Documentation is key to collecting the Home Renovation Tax Credit

Posted: October 5, 2009 in General Information, Sellers

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(NC)—Once you’ve decided to claim the proposed Home Renovation Tax Credit on your 2009 income tax and benefit return, be prepared to show proof of your expenses to the Canada Revenue Agency. Keep any agreements, invoices and receipts relating to your home improvements.

What you will need:

 • Name, address and GST/HST registration number of the vendor or contractor.

• Description of the goods and services, and date of purchase.

• Date when the goods were delivered (keep your delivery slip as proof) or services were performed.

• Description of the work performed including the address where the work was performed.

• The amount of the invoice and proof of payment.

• Receipts or invoices must indicate “paid” or be accompanied by another proof of payment, such as a credit card slip or cancelled cheque.

Visit the Government of Canada’s Action Plan  for more information and Home Selling Tips for valuable Real Estate information.


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