Tag-and-tow bylaw in Kitchener

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When a snow event hits Kitchener, it is the goal of the city’s operations crews to clear all streets within 24 hours after cessation of the storm. The  job can be difficult when vehicles are parked on the streets, impeding snow-removal equipment.

The City of Kitchener put in place tag-and-tow bylaw in 2008,  so that operations crews could  clear the streets of snow more quickly and ensure the safety of both pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

What is the tag-and-tow bylaw?

The tag-and-tow bylaw prohibits parking on any city street at any time when a “snow event” is declared by the city’s director of operations, to provide safe and efficient access for the city’s operations crews to plow the streets.

The declaration will be based on credible weather forecast information, when a significant snowfall is forecast.

During “snow events,” enforcement staff will be asked to attend locations where parked vehicles are impeding the snow-removal equipment from clearing the street. Enforcement staff will assess the situation and may tag-and-tow some of the vehicles on the street to help the plows get by.

Vehicles will not be tagged and towed based on calls from the public.

Enforcement will only tow the number of vehicles necessary to allow access for the snow-removal equipment. It is possible that only a certain number of vehicles on a street will be removed, regardless of how many are actually present and in violation of the bylaw.

Vehicles will be ticketed and relocated to another area in close proximity when it is possible and practical to do so. Vehicles will be towed at the owners’ expense.

In the event that some, but not all, vehicles are towed away, the remaining vehicles found in violation will be ticketed.

The amount of the parking ticket for parking on the street during a snow event is $80. Any parking tickets and towing charges issued cannot be cancelled or withdrawn at any time.

How will residents know when a snow event is declared?

While overnight parking is not permitted on any city street from Dec. 1 to March 31 each year, the city’s director of operations can declare a snow event at any time. That means if a snow event occurs in November, April or any other month, the tag-and-tow bylaw would take effect.

Once the director of operations declares a snow event, the decision will be communicated in several ways including the city’s website — http://www.kitchener.ca— by e-mail to residents who sign up to receive the city’s snow-event advisories, and by alerting local media.

  if you would like to be included on the city’s e-mailing list.

How will residents retrieve their towed vehicles?

The city’s goal is to make it as easy as possible for drivers to retrieve their vehicles if they have been towed. Owners of the vehicles that have been towed can call 519-741-2330 to find out the location of their vehicles.

For more information on the city’s tag-and-tow bylaw call 519-741-2330.


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