Gift giving during the holidays is the subjects of new tensions and questions as a result of commercialism, economic pressures, and increasing social and environmental impacts. Growing movements against commercialism are changing how we choose to approach gift giving.

Unconventional options that have become popular include buying livestock for needy communities; sponsoring a guide dog; or contributing to the preservation of land. Also on the popular gifts list are natural products that support causes. Companies such as Lush, which is a 100% vegetarian company, offers unique bath   and body products that offer vegan-friendly gift ideas since 75% of its products contain no animal or dairy ingredients. Lush is committed to work only with suppliers that carry and sell ingredients that have not been animal tested.

Some shoppers seek products in solid form over liquid wherever possible producing less packaging and reducing use of preservatives and synthetics, which means less contaminants being washed into the environment.

Whatever your budget there is a unique and ethical option for everyone on your gift list if you will only take the time and shop around. Climate change really start with each of us.

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