Amid one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression, the one safe harbour proved to be housing. Not stocks. Not bonds. Real estate.

Why? The answer is really quite simple. Canadians believe in real estate

Housing has proven itself a resilient and tangible investment that provides both a hedge against inflation and long-term appreciation. Buyers demonstrated their commitment en masse in 2009-taking advantage of rock-bottom interest rates and greater affordability levels-to drive housing sales and/or average prices to new heights. This year’s real estate performance has been nothing short of remarkable.

The surge in sales has allowed residential real estate markets to play a key role in leading Canada out of the downturn. It is estimated that a total of $46,400 in ancillary spending are generated by the average housing transaction in Canada. With 465,000 resale homes expected to change hands by year-end 2009, that represents a $21.5 billion boost to the economy-not to mention the countless jobs and tax revenue housing supports. Going forward, the real estate sector is expected to have an even greater impact.

While markets are firing on all cylinders from Vancouver to St. John’s, recovery is still in its early stages, and there could be some bumps along the way.  The New Year is sure to bring new challenges and opportunities. 

Going forward, the fundamentals look positive and the New Year is poised to be a busy one. Canadians will continue to demonstrate their commitment to homeownership. As recovery continues, real estate will remain at the forefront. A little forethought will ensure that 2010 brings progress and prosperity to the visionaries.

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