Chasing Winter Blues with Colour

Posted: January 30, 2010 in General Information, Home Reno's & Decor, Sellers
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January can be a tough time of year for manyof us as the short days, combined with little sunlight and cold temperatures, send us into a zombie like state.
Get  inspired with a new, fresh  slate of colour and decorating ideas for your living space. It’s  mentally uplifting and also relatively an inexpensive way to change your outlook on life.

While you may be feeling a little blue at this time, decor specialists say blue is actually going to be the hot, or rather, cool colour to consider for your walls. In particular, airy light blues such as “Siesta Key” will top the list of trendy colours for the year ahead.
Along with luminous blues, the paint palette of the coming year is dominated by more cheerful and energetic shades of yellow and green, reflecting a positive shift in the public’s attitude, in part due to signs of economic recovery.
The shift for 2010 colour palette is towards pure, lively and open-minded colours that reflect consumers’ hope for a more positive future. The “new” blue is “a feel-good tone that’s reflective of new beginnings, of dark skies lifting in the wake of challenging economic and political times, and our collective moods lightening up.
The ultramarines and turquoises will also appear in all facets of home decor in the year ahead – from walls to furniture to accessories. To help accent look toward nature with shades of green which will also be big for 2010. Go bold within very small areas like the powder room. Keep main pieces of furniture fairly neutral so that items can be moved around and are still of suitably high quality to last when you move to a new home.
To bring added life to any room combine the new blues with crimson, burgundy, plum, pewter or gold.

Other colour trends to look for:

Greens: Glowing acidic shades of green, like pale yellow lime, will take the spotlight. Soft greens blend particularly well with moss yellows and deep greys.

Reds: Saturated, vibrant reds are making a comeback, replacing the fashionable neutral pinks and coffee-based reds. New reds are deeper and coral-based, with clean, futuristic-looking pinks.

Oranges: Think warm tans and golds, radiating carrot and pumpkin tones, and rich earthy copper browns. Oranges will become more optimistic and sunny, moving away from last year’s red influence.

Yellows: Honey, mustard, banana and citrus shades will dominate in 2010. Used on their own or combined with shades of blue.

Warm neutrals: In a shift away from last year’s favourite soft beige, warm neutrals will become deeper, infused with yellow-based earth, clay, sand and grain tones. These warm neutrals can be combined with turquoises and teals.

Cool neutrals: Ash greys, near blacks and green slate tones will be popular.

Violets: Dramatic and intense purples are back in style, delivering a powerful look that is both traditional and modern. For those not ready to experiment with intense violets, cool lavenders will also be in vogue, creating an elegant and soothing environment.

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