Changes to Small Claims Court

Posted: February 4, 2010 in General Information
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Anyone who is thinking about taking a legal matter to Small Claims Court needs to know that some changes have been made that now affect Ontario’s civil justice system.
The new rules began Jan. 1, and one of the biggest changes is that the small claims monetary limit has gone up from $10,000 to $25,000, exclusive of interest and costs.
What this means is that it is likely to open up the courts to more law suits.
Well known as the people’s court, because historically you didn’t need a lawyer to represent yourself,¬† it could all change as people might decide to hire a lawyer to represent them if it would be in their best interest. We might see more claims by institutions for example such as insurance company for non payment of claims.
We may see more lawyers getting involved in Small Claims Court. According to the McGuinty government, the changes to dozens of court rules will make it easier, faster and certainly more affordable for people and businesses to access justice and use Ontario’s civil court to resolve disputes.
The reforms¬†were made as a result of former Associate Chief Justice Coulter Osborne’s report on the civil justice system and from the advice the Attorney General received last year directly from Ontarians.
People will often go to Small Claims Court to resolve many common money disputes such as failure to pay for goods and services, damage to property and not paying back a debt.

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