We’re in the home stretch of the Vancouver Olympics. Good thing  too because I don’t know how many more nights I can stay up until 12 and 1am watching all the events I missed during the day. 
Seems to me like there is a lot more winter sports and competitions than I remember from years gone by. An article caught my attention as it mentioned a number of sports that weren’t even sports before 1992, at least not on the five-ring level.
Maybe it was made to attract younger viewers and energize what had become a stodgy lineup of sports, so the IOC (International Olympic Committee) added in recent years wacky and riveting short-track speed skating, along with such “action” sports as aerials, moguls, snowboarding and now ski-cross. Clearly the IOC is open to suggestions as to what constitutes a sport and with 3.5 billion viewers this makes it an attractive venue for a whole lot of people. With that in mind we could offer new versions of prospective sports starting with my all time favourite – snow ball fights. Being that you can no longer throw a snowball in the school yard for fear of being expelled, I feel the kids have missed out on a lot of fun and fresh air. Let’s legitimize it and have countries compete against one another, four to a side, using snowballs in various colours, as in paintball.
How about snowshoe sprinting? How long would it take a man or woman to cover, say 400 or 800 or 1,500 meters in a pair of snowshoes? 
Held at satellite locations north of the Arctic Circle, polar ice swimming could be a main new event. With swimmers clad in old-school Speedos using the stroke of their choice to travel up and back in water more suited for seals. Let’s see Michael Phelps win gold in this. Tube cross is another one that comes to mind. Four competitors at a time park with their back side in inner tubes for a straight downhill run while jostling for position, only to face a nice little jump at the end. How hilarious would that be as seat belts would not be allowed giving the athletes occasional flights out of their tubes. The most challenging new sport would have to be moguls cross where two athletes would go down those bumps at the same time, all but ensuring contact, if not wipeouts, as in snowboard-cross and ski-cross. There are so many more options such as winter survival pentathlon, snow tunnel building or speed ice fishing.  It might be a good thing for now that Vancouver held what is now the winter Olympics because one mandatory thing required for all these is snow. 

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