(NC)—At the turn of each season, expert predictions on top trends to watch and follow are among the design world`s hottest topics. Where they get their ideas may seem a mystery to us, but it seems we may very well be the main inspiration.

In recent years, we`ve embraced a number of design directions that only continue to grow in prevalence and influence. As these trends are reinforced by homeowners across Canada, it`s clear that there is much value in the simple notion of choosing to experience and surround yourself with things you love.

Nature is one of the most powerful and popular influences for the home. The natural beauty of organic materials – wood, glass and stone among the most popular – allows us to bring the calm and inspiration of the outdoors into our homes.

Natural materials also cater to the ever-growing demand for sustainability. Offering far greater durability than synthetics, natural materials have a much longer lifespan – thus reducing the need for replacement and instead depending on periodic maintenance. Although the natural choice may be more costly at the outset, long-term value and dependability continue to make it a worthwhile investment.

We`re also seeing a move towards recycling. Transforming antique furniture – still dependable for its quality craftsmanship – is becoming more popular for its sustainability, originality and charm.

Our demand for sustainable options is only growing, especially in relation to choices for the most water-intensive areas inside our home, the kitchen and bath. This widespread inclination towards ecological choices has given kitchen and bath industries all the incentive to continue developing new innovations that more effectively marry responsible design, functionality and convenience.

Kitchen and bath leader, Kohler, has just introduced a new bathroom collection designed around its tremendously popular Persuade dual flush toilet. The collection also features space-saving options, making it an accessible choice for even the smallest home. As we continue to choose sustainable offerings, advancing these developments will remain a valuable point of investment – so fuelling the long-term shift of sustainability from a trend to an enduring lifestyle.

As we continue to gain confidence in our own preferences, we raise the bar for design. The old adage equating pain with beauty no longer has validity within the home. We demand comfort alongside style and performance. The days of enduring inconvenience in exchange for aesthetic appeal are long gone, giving us good reason to continue demanding what we love and refusing to settle for less.

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