Spring cleaning tips for fire safety

Posted: April 30, 2010 in Uncategorized
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(NC)—Spring cleaning can seem like a daunting assignment, but a few tasks on the list can help make sure potential fire hazards are attended to.

Beyond the usual tasks to cover both inside and outside of your home, such as recycling or eliminating unused items, cleaning gardens and patios, and tossing out unsafe or combustible materials, don’t ignore these areas to help make your home more fire safe:

• Check and clean filters above stove.

• Pull refrigerator out and vacuum or dust coils.

• Always keep stairs and landings clear for safe evacuation in event of an emergency.

• Test your smoke alarms and replace the batteries.

• Test smoke alarm to ensure it works properly.

• Outdoors, don’t just clean your propane barbecue, check for leaks, breaks and other wear and tear on hoses or housings.

• Trim trees or bushes before they grow enough to interfere with nearby power lines.

Thinking beyond basic cleanup chores to include removing fire safety hazards can go a long way toward enhancing both the safety and comfort of your home.

More tips to help you maximize your efforts this year are available online at www.duracellfiresafety.com or www.safeathome.ca.

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