For Sale by Owner Homes (Part 1)

Posted: May 5, 2010 in All Blogs, General Information, Sellers
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Have you made the decision to take on the challenging venture of selling privately? If so, you are taking complete control of the sale of your home into your own hands. Unfortunately, this also means you may be accepting with open arms increased risk of liability, threats to you and your family’s safety, a potentially longer sales cycle and a lower price for your property. 

  • Protect yourself and your family against liability risks and safety threats
  • Market your home to a wider audience
  • Sell your home more quickly
  • Get more money for your home
  • Take the stress and headache out of selling your home

REALTORS® can reduce your risk of liability. 

Did you know that as a seller, you can be held liable for any issues with your property for up to seven years after you have sold it?  

REALTORS® undergo ongoing education to learn how to reduce the sellers’ risk of liability in the listing and sale process.  Poor choices of wording on listing descriptions or a lack of understanding in filling out the Property Condition Disclosure Statement can mean a lengthy and expensive lawsuit for a seller.  

There are so many things REALTORS® look into behind the scenes as part of their requirements that you may never see or understand.  As a private seller, not having an understanding of the information or documentation you and the buyer needs to complete the transaction can cause a delay in closing or even a failure to close.  

No property or transaction is the same, and REALTORS® are experienced in determining what they need to look for in order to close the transaction successfully and reduce your risk of liability down the road.

REALTORS® protect you and your family’s safety.

By showing your own property, you are not only welcoming strangers into your home, but potentially being alone with them and letting them know who else lives there.  These strangers may be scoping the place looking for valuables, or “innocently” asking you questions simply to get a sense of your schedule and determine when you will or won’t be home, or when you or other family members will be home alone. 

 REALTORS® arrange and host property visits and open houses for you, so you will never have to be alone with a stranger in your home or meet any potential buyers.  Because the REALTOR® is there on your behalf, the visitors will not see anyone that lives in the home.  REALTORS® knows what questions they should not answer to protect your safety. 


REALTORS® are the only people who can list your home through the MLS® system. 

When you work with a REALTOR®, your home gets listed on the MLS® (Multiple Listing Service®) system and potential buyers across the world can find your property on (formerly 

  •  REALTORS® take advantage of the full MLS® system which allows them to do more targeted searches and find new listing before they are even viewable to the public.  It also allows them to automatically send properties that fit within their clients’ needs directly to the client’s email.  This targeted method means that as a seller, you don’t have to wait for buyers to happen to come across your listing, you could have many REALTORS® working proactively to let buyers know your house is on the market. 

REALTORS® are proactive in bringing qualified buyers to your home.

When a REALTOR® lists your home, he or she immediately begins making phone calls to qualified clients looking for a home, as well as the many REALTORS® with whom he or she has established relationships.  This increases exposure greatly, as other REALTORS® are working to sell your home to their own clients who have already been pre-qualified for financing.

 REALTORS® don’t rely on a colourful sign on the lawn to sell your home. 

Not all buyers drive around neighbourhoods looking for For Sale signs.  In fact, according to Ispos Reid in 2007, 82% of home buyers start their home search online.  Buyers want convenience – they want one easy search tool to find all of the properties in their desired area and price range and then make an appointment to view the home.  The search tool they are using is  It is a national site and the search tool used by people in and outside of Canada looking to buy a home in any province.

Stay tuned for more great information on For Sale by Owner Homes. In the mean time why not get a FREE Home Evaluation online at OR

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