Small Spaces at Their Best

Posted: June 2, 2010 in General Information, Home Reno's & Decor
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Make your small space work for you with some of these ideas.

Decluttering is always a great idea when moving to a small space. Make use of glass and mirror to create reflections such as a glass coffee table with polished silver legs. Maximizing the light by hanging a mirror in the opposite corner or wall from the windows will emphasize the natural light. For that you will also need to make sure that window coverings don’t block the light when they are open. The open curtains should fall beside the window and not obscure any of it. Don’t hang curtains inside the window frame. Consider hanging curtains from the ceiling, rather than from the top of the window, which will add height and some drama to the space.
Choosing the right furniture can enhance a small place and small furniture is not necessarily the best choice. A large sectional can sometimes be better. Think vertically when you have a small space. Don’t let the space go to waste. Whether you’re hanging art or shelves, or placing furniture let it draw the eyes up making a space feel more expansive than it actually is.
In the kitchen consider using light-coloured cabinets, open shelves and glass-front doors to help lighten the space. Wire shelves are a must in small space and can double up as cupboards capacity. Keeping counters free from too many kitchen gadgets or appliances can make it seem larger. The inside of cupboard doors can be covered with magnetic paint to accommodate papers and notes that might get knocked off a fridge in a small space. Hang the flat screen TV on a flexible arm eliminating the need for a stand or entertainment unit. Stack CD and DVD’s  in bookshelves. One word about CD’s and DVD’s here is don’t buy every one that comes on the market. Borrow from friends or library and be sure to return them that will alleviate excessive storage. Buy only the songs you like from itunes which you can download to your mp3 player and play at home from your computer.
Hang shelves or a nice bathroom cabinet above the toilet for all  your toileteries. Hanging a second rod in the closet can double up your storage space or if you prefer and space permits get a closet organiser which will help with storage space and it can be dismantled and taken with you when you  move.
Use colours close in tone and value or monochromatic to visually expand the rooms and look for multifunctional pieces of furniture that can accommodate both functional and decorative such as an island on wheel which can be used in the kitchen and in the small home office. An armoire can be highly adaptable to hide electronics, keep dishes and stemware, instant pantry or store bulky sweaters. A chest drawers can also be practical in the nursery for baby’s stuff or the front entrance for winter wears.

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