The most important characteristic when determining the value of real estate continues to prevail. Choosing a home  entails deciding on a neighbourhood. A community’s physical and social qualities have a major impact on the market value of the house, the desirability of the neighbourhood and the lifestyle of its residents.
One of the most cited factors of influence when buying a home is the quality of neighbourhood. You just don’t move there you become part of that neighbourhood. Finding the right neighbourhood can be a tedious task but if  you know what to look for then you are one step ahead. Take a walk through the neighbourhood that you are considering for purchase. You might even want to take a second walk at a different time of the day and of the week to get a feel for life in this surrounding. Are the other homes well maintained? Is the environment peaceful? Are there amenities nearby that interest you, such as parks, libraries, restaurants and retail centres? While strolling through the neighbourhood try to pick a conversation with a neighbour to find out what they like about the neighbourhood. If you have kids you might want to find out whether the walk to school is pedestrian friendly.
Other important factors in choosing a neighbourhood include convenience to work. Will this new home make your commute to work easier or harder. Commuting cost are a key factor in neighbourhood selection. The overall affordability of the home is also an important factor. Your real estate agent can inform you of price appreciation trends in order to give you an idea of how solid your investment is or will be. He will also be able to lead you to your local government planning agency to ask about future developments such as new roadways, commercial construction and housing development that may affect values. The convenience of family and friends is also a key factor in choosing a neighbourhood. If you have to cross town to bring the kids to the sitter it could become a great inconvenience. Finally the quality of the school district can also be an important selling point for homes on the market. Local schools that are recognized for their excellence help add value to surrounding neighbourhoods.
Other significant neigbourhood factors include convenience to shopping, neighbourhood design, children and pet friendliness.
As a lifetime resident of Cambridge, I can assist you in neighbourhood selection because I know the territory. For more information about a particular neighbourhood give me a call or visit one of our website for information about listing your home or buying a home. Visit,,


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