(NC)—When you think of Canada’s multicultural society and all the freedoms and opportunities that we experience on a daily basis, devoting a few minutes of silence on Remembrance Day to think of our troops is an important and meaningful gesture. Our soldiers and veterans sacrificed their time, personal comforts, and in many cases their lives so we could enjoy ours. Here are some other ways that you can show gratitude:

Wear a poppy. From the last Friday in October to November 11, pin a poppy on the left lapel of your garment or as close to the heart as possible. This will publicly remind you of our soldiers’ sacrifices and will encourage others to do the same.

Write to soldiers. Send a letter or card to express your appreciation. Mailing addresses are listed on the Department of National Defence website. You can also post a message to troops on the site’s message board.

Donate in honour of a soldier. Just as the Canadian Forces aim to bring peace and security to countries in need, consider doing your part to help those around the world who are suffering. Charities like Christian Children’s Fund of Canada offer a gift catalogue where you can purchase items such as fruit trees or insecticide treated bed nets in honour of one of Canada’s heroes. You can also personalize a card and mail your thanks to a Canadian Forces member. Visit http://www.ccfcanada.ca/GiftCatalogue.


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