The retirement bucket list

Posted: November 17, 2010 in General Information, Investment

(NC)—Everyone has a “bucket list” of the things they want to do when they retire: Golf everyday, travel to exotic places, visit family members more often. But how about making a list of buckets that can help you pay for all your retirement adventures and expenses? Try listing your main areas of expenses in the following three buckets which are listed in order of importance:

• Essentials – this is the most basic bucket and should include your essential needs to live such as food, clothing, taxes, rent or mortgage, utilities, etc.
• Lifestyle – this is the ‘fun’ bucket that would include coffee, entertainment, presents, travel, memberships, etc.
• Estate – this is the bucket for the extras if you have money you wish to leave for an inheritance, a charity or to set up a foundation. This process assists you and your financial advisor, depending on your age and goals, to plan what mix of investments you need to achieve the results you want. For ideas on Real Estate investment planning, give me a call at 519-241-1122.


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