(NC)—Instead of making major renovations, transform your home by simply rejuvenating and modernizing.  Hilary Farr, designer and host of W Network’s Love It or List It, offers six simple tips for upgrading your living space without breaking the budget.

Give a favourite old couch a new look.  Add some throw pillows in all sorts of colours and textures.  Why not give your old chairs a new look too?  Reupholster them in a rich-looking new fabric. And if the cost of  reupholstering goes beyond your budget consider couch covers. You can find so many new styles and colours  to mathch any decor and they are  definitevely not your grand-mother’s cover anymore.

You’d be amazed by how great a space can look once it’s cleared of knick-knacks, paperwork and random items.  Why not plan a thorough cleaning and, while you’re at it, be ruthless and toss or give away what’s no longer needed. Organize what’s left by investing in storage such as decorative baskets and boxes.  This will help you show off those special pieces such as coffee tables, bookshelves and cabinets.  Then rearrange books, picture frames and vases where they can now be seen and enjoyed.

Fresh paint on the walls can instantly open up and appear to enlarge a room while also creating a dramatic or even subtle change in décor.  Be adventurous, but choose colours that will enhance your furniture and floors or carpets.  For that finishing touch, paint your old furniture and picture frames a bold new colour that complements the room.

Baseboards frame the entire space of your home, so keep them looking fresh and bright by vacuuming and cleaning.  Keep walls looking their best with Vim Cream, which is specially formulated to remove scuff marks, dirt and stains or try Mr. Clean sponges for finger prints, scuff marks, pencil and crayon marks. They work like a charm.

Plastic blinds and paper shades can do the job but won’t make the most of your windows or décor.  Use options which will not only do the job but also look gorgeous.  Choose roman blinds in a beautiful fabric, wooden plantation shutters or luxurious looking curtains.  Any of these affordable options gives long-term value—whether you plan to stay or sell.

If your home is older, try lifting a small piece of carpeting.  You might find gorgeous hardwood floors beneath. It will be worth the work to remove any carpet adhesives to be ready to finally sand and finish.  Rejuvenate and add a shine to existing hardwood, laminate or linoleum flooring by using Vim Oxy-Gel all-purpose cleaner, which leaves a fresh scent.

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