Fear no More the Damage Floor

Posted: January 12, 2011 in General Information, Home Reno's & Decor
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(NC)—If you want to worry less about your next new floor, try thinking about the future.

That’s right. Why not ask some forward-thinking questions at the time of purchase? It will save you time and worry later on. Let’s start with this one: What happens if this floor gets damaged?

Even though we ultimately choose a floor for its quality, looks and style, the truth is, accidents do happen and unsightly floor damage can result. For most hard surface floors, it’s a situation we’ve all dreaded.

But those fears are no longer founded. Progress in floor joint technology has created new hard surface floors in hardwood, cork, leather and laminate – with joints like Uniclic found in Torlys Smart Floors – that make it easy to repair floors by replacing planks.

“I’m not concerned,” says Anne Ferguson of Toronto, about a loonie-sized gouge that she recently discovered in her Torlys Cork floor in the family’s basement entertainment room. “This floor has lasted beautifully for four years of constant wear by three kids. It still looks great and now, with this bit of damage I know I’m covered, no problem.”

Anne’s peace of mind has been with her since she bought her floor four years ago, when she did her product homework and asked good questions in the retail showroom. She was drawn to cork for its natural warmth, environmental benefits and natural anti-microbial properties, particularly important with children in a basement space.

The easy repairability of Torlys Cork also made a difference in her decision to buy.

Anne Ferguson recalls that “the ‘bulldog’ tool assured me that Torlys was anticipating how nice it would be to simply remove a damaged plank, then re-click it tight, without hassle or mess. It means a lot just knowing that.”

Not only does easy plank replacement assure peace of mind for homeowners like Anne, it means that environmentally-friendly renewal can be chosen over environmentally-costly floor replacement.

A new floor looks great when first installed. But what about months later, when it gets gouged by a dropped skate or hockey stick? Be sure to ask your retailer about how easy (or not) it is to replace a plank in the middle of floor. Also, remember to purchase a few extra planks and store them just in case.

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