To have an ergonomic kitchen that is truly a functional space you must concentrate on the activity zones, zoom in on the storage and organization areas.

The activity zones
No matter the shape of your kitchen, you must pay attention to the principal activities that go on in there. The cooks and chefs have understood this and the need for kitchen efficiency now calls for this space to be divided into five complimentary zones: the supply zone, the storage zone, the cleaning zone, the prep zone and the cooking zone. Each area is self-contained and has all that is necessary to complete the activity of that zone without excessive walking and keeping the working triangle in mind as the best ergonomic kitchen.

The supply zone
This is where we store food whether refrigerated or not. It is then here that we have the refrigerator and the pantry. There must be enough cupboards to hold all the products that are consumed.

The storing zone
This is where we group the dishes, the cutlery, the serving bowls, cups and glasses. The storing zone should be made up of hanging cupboards and drawers under the counter. In the lowest cupboards and top drawers we store all the elements that we use the most often.

The cleaning zone
Ideally, the cleaning zone should be between the storage zone and the meals prep zone. The sinks, dishwasher, the garbage can and the recycling bin should be part of this area.

The prep zone
This is where the meals are prepared. We find here the small appliances, mixing utensils and sharp knives, bowls and condiments. The installation of drawers in this area is especially effective. 

The cooking zone
Next to the prep zone we have the stove and the micro-wave oven. It’s in this zone that we store the pots and pans, the bake wares, the moulds and larger cooking utensils.

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