How to Move Plants

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Sellers
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On the Moving Van
Moving houseplants on the moving van with your furniture is usually not a good idea. The inside of the trailer is subject to extremes in temperature both in the winter and in the summer. Plants do not fare well in this environment, especially if they are on board for several days without fresh air and extra care. Your moving company will accept houseplants as part of your shipment on an “owner’s risk basis”. No liability will be assumed for damage.

Shipping by Air
Most airlines will accept plants for transport but you should remember they are placed in the cargo hold that is generally quite hot or cold and not an ideal environment. On the upside, the length of time your plants are in transit is usually relatively short. If properly packed, they should survive the trip. Your moving company can assist you by arranging to have your plants properly packed by a nursery or greenhouse. This will greatly increase the odds that they will make it safely to their destination. Most airlines offer a limited liability for live plants. Be sure to discuss this matter with the air cargo representative before making your reservation.

Climate Controlled Trucks
Limited service is available throughout North America. In some instances, minimum charges apply since these firms generally provide service for growers and flower shops and do not like to handle small, private shipments. Door to door, service is not available. Plants must be delivered to and picked up from specified terminals. Liability coverage is not usually available for a small shipment of plants.

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