Deck Wars Studio

After last year’s obsession with the outdoor room, this may be the summer of the deck. Going way beyond the humble, barbecue-holding platform, the new HGTV series Deck Wars, premiering July 7 at 10 p.m., turns the construction of elaborate backyard spaces into a sport and the first show concentrates of Hot Tub deck wars. 

Deck Wars is a competition to see who can build the best deck in an unbelievably restricted amount of time. It’s Weekend Warrior Construction packed into a pressure cooker of time, expectations and know-how. The first show will feature Hot Tub Deck Wars and features Paul Lafrance as  host. The winner gets his own Ugly trophy commemorative of the Stanley Cup and ribbons akin elementary school track meets. The whole show is based on fun, fast, competition rather than who really wins, says Lafrance.

Lafrance promises a lot of creativity, including pergolas, bars and even a pirate ship and medieval castle.

The final projects are judged by Lafrance and a rotating panel of HGTV personalities, including Disaster DIY’s Bryan Baeumler, Income Property’s Scott McGillivray and Holmes Inspection’s Damon Bennett.

While the timeline is brief, the crew and competitors still find time to joke around. In the premiere, one team finds time to hang out in the hot tub, sans water, while another competitor creates a creature feature, of sorts, out of a towel — named Evan — to augment the decor. In another episode, where they’re designing a child-friendly deck, the team members embrace the theme, dressing up in princess and knight gear and just may engage in a little friendly battle.

There’s “a lot of banter back and forth,” says Lafrance, which suits him just fine. Because, while they wanted it to be a competition, “we really weren’t interested in guys tearing other guys down.”

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