Seniors and Real Estate-What you Need to Know

Posted: July 8, 2011 in General Information, Sellers
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 If you are over the age of 55 and still own your home, if you have senior parents still living in their own home or  if you have been appointed as the Estate Trustee then you will want to know about the ASA (Accredited Senior Agent) designation.
This is a training program for Real Estate Agents for the benefit of the public. This program requires that the Realtor meet certain criteria – even to take the course, one of which is a minimum of three years of Real Estate experience and they must have listed or  sold to at least three clients who are over the age of 55.  They need to have the skills and be uniquely committed to serving this market with advanced education. They have completed courses to enable them to work in this growing market.
Some of the topics covered in the program include providing guidance for things like CHIP Canadian Home Income Plan versus a Home Equity Line of Credit, knowing about cut off dates that are important for appraisals on properties-Evaluation Day or Capital Gains on investment property, cottages and so forth. They learn to understand the complexities of content, emotional or family dispute, estate work, probate, tax problems. It goes beyond the scope of a typical Realtor because the bottom line is that any good Realtor can sell homes but an ASA designated agent can handle all aspects of that sale.

Dale Dyer, Broker and Accredited Senior Agent

Dale Dyer is now an ASA certified Realtor who can assist in all aspects of the home sale of a senior home owner.


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