Choosing the right hardwood flooring

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Buyers, General Information, Home Reno's & Decor, Sellers
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When doing home upgrades, flooring is one aspect of the home which demands great consideration especially if you’re planning on selling your home in the near future. Flooring has been known to sell a home.  If hardwood flooring is one of your consideration you will have to take some thoughts about what type of look you are aiming for; how much wear and tear would you expect the floor to take; and surely you would consider how much you want to spend. 
Start your search by visiting multiple flooring stores that carry hardwood floor supply and that can offer installation. Unless you’re a master carpenter and know what you’re doing leave the job for the experts. Too many times we see homes with botched up flooring jobs with badly finished corners or ends. Get some samples and talk to friends and family members who have hardwood flooring to make comparisons. Decide on colour, shade, finish and hardness of the wood.
There is a plethora of colours for hardwood such as mustard, cherry, chocolate, red-brown, white-purple if that’s what would go with your decor. Remember though that you should be thinking about  “selling” features. Even if you’re not planning to sell for several years consider the resale value of the floor. A neutral colour will be more enticing to a buyer than a purple floor. Consider the size of room. Lighter colour on  your floors such as white oak or yellow pine will visually enlarge the room. If you prefer a vintage look a darker hue would carry out the desired look. Again you might want to ask friends or family for an opinion on colour matching your decor and the floor and if you’re really stuck seek a professional’s advice.
The price tag on some of these floor is probably your next consideration. Hardwood flooring, like many other types of flooring, is priced per square foot and square foot installed. Get an exact quote from the flooring store before hands. Hardwood flooring comes in strip, plank and long strip varieties. The long strip is a collection of smaller planks fabricated together while the strips are the narrowest. Also consider the hardness of the floor. Soft pine would not be a good choice for your living room-dining room if you have high traffic with children and pets.
Use a Guide to Hardwood Flooring  as your learning base for a good selection. 
Hardwood floor strips and planks can be married together flush, beveled and eased edge. In the flush installation there is no gaping edge between the boards unlike the beveled edge where there is a v-like shape which is formed between each strip or plank. In the eased edge option which is used to hide some of the unevenness that your flooring may naturally have you will have a  shallow version of the beveled edge. Flush will give you a more modern look where as beveled and eased will give you the more rustic look.
You can select a pre-finished or an unfinished hardwood floor. If unfinished is your preference then the most popular finish option is a satin stain which has a darker but understated look or you can go for a polyurethane oil stain which gives the floor that glowing shine. Pick what suits you and your home.
Another option that you might want to consider if hardwood is a bit more than  you want to spend is laminate flooring which has come a long way in the last few years. Considered by many as a nice alternate, laminate flooring will not dent, stain or fade and is more water and scratch resistant. Again installation is a huge part of the look but certainly easier than hardwood especially with the click types of laminate.  Make sure you like the look and feel of it before going that route.


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