Today’s market is a home buyer’s dream especially for those who are willing to wait it out and those who have deep pockets. Sellers on the other hands are steering themselves to new realities which include paying rather than making money at the closing table, providing extras to sweeten the proverbial pot and spending more time and cash making the home camera-ready.

Most sellers do not measure the value of the house in the profit made on the sale but rather by the enjoyment they’ve experienced from living there. If you have never been through the process of selling your home, it’s a different world out there than when you bought into the real estate market. Here are some pointers that experienced sellers would tell you, if they could.

Pricing Needs to be Realistic-The first two to three weeks are your most crucial time for showings. The internet and MLS system will drive the buyers that are electronically connected as soon as they see the home on the market they’ll want to see it. Competitive pricing will give you that advantage.

Be prepared to Negotiate-You don’t want to sit in a house that doesn’t move and the first time seller who insists on getting “his price” based on the appraised value or the highest home evaluation will only see his potential buyers drive  right on by. There doesn’t seem to be any relationship between your assessed value and the actual market value of your house. The truth of the matter is that  your house is worth what buyers are willing to pay.

Marketing-An important question to ask yourself and the agent that you are interviewing is how will you reach the home’s target market. Consider who your most likely buyers are for the house that you are selling and target that group of people with your marketing promotion.
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