First Time Home Buyers Success

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Buyers
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1. Overcome your fears with the fact that you can’t afford not to buy. if you can pay rent you can most likely make a mortgage payment. You will be building an important financial asset every month instead of throwing your money on someone else’s mortgage.

2. Pre-approval is key into knowing what you can afford.

3. The right mortgage is more than the monthly payment. Look at the long-term goals.

4. Looking at long term commitment means making sure that you are looking at the right home. The little kitchen nook might be so cute for the two of you but three kids later the cramped space can be a ahem on the family.

5. The main components of an offer is the price, the financial/timing terms and contingencies for opting out of the deal. Make an offer the seller will accept based on these.

6. Do your homework and get a professional to do a home inspection to expose any hidden issues which will avoid wallet strain down the road. Get homeowner’s insurance or consider life insurance which you can apply wherever is needed should an emergency occur.

7. The closing paper work can be scary but a lot can happen well before closing. Be sure to remain mortgage worthy during that time. No big expensenses.

8. Hire the right real estate professional means that you have to do your homework. Make sure he works full-time and knows the market and is a chief negotiator and is attentive to all the details that you are looking for. Check the references of past clients.

Here are some testimonials to help you find the right agent.


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