Building codes reflect a growing commitment to energy efficiency

Posted: August 26, 2011 in General Information
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(NC)—If you’re like many Canadians, home ownership is your main and largest investment. It’s important therefore, to note that some of the building codes in Canada (and around the world) have been updated for the purpose of producing more energy-efficient properties. A standard, entry-level house built in 2012 for instance is expected to be significantly more energy efficient than an entry-level home built in 2006. A more stringent building code also means your builder will have to keep up with latest technology and how to apply it. For example, one of the more popular choices today is to discard the traditional wood-framed wall construction in favour of an innovative insulated concrete form system. Known as an ICF, the insulated concrete form is now even further advanced by Canadian manufacturer, Nudura. A house constructed with this system (of pre-assembled, interlocking blocks) is reported to be stronger than a house made with wood. It is also more sound resistant, provides greater safety, and delivers energy savings and health benefits too. Drafts, cold spots and mould are controlled and homeowners are saving on energy bills up to 50 per cent. More information on this—as well as efficient ceilings and floors—is available online at

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