Selling your home consist of more than just popping a sign on the front lawn. Careful planning can lead to a shorter sale period and get you more money for your property. After all, isn’t that the reason for the sign? Here are some tips to help you get your home ready:

Remove Clutter- You often hear it in Real Estate or Home Decorating television program, how important it is to declutter your home. Most of us accumulate things from furniture, lamps, vases, vacation memorabilias, vases and other knickknacks and collectables.  We don’t really see it as clutter because we’ve learned to live with it and dust around it. There’s no better time to remove some of the excess stuff than when you are planning to move. Think of it as early packing. 

Depersonalize. To depersonalize your home doesn’t mean to remove any sign of life or personality. Start packing away your family photos, children’s pictures and drawings especially from the fridge, trophies, awards and collections.  You still want the place to have style and personality. Keep in mind the style and age of your house. If you have a newer home and grandma’s two seater love seat has become an eye sore in the living room consider moving it to another room or store it away while the house is for sale if you don’t want to get rid of it.

Spic and Span Clean-The first thing buyers look for is a clean and odorless home. No matter what end of the spectrum  your home is in, a clean and spotless home is top priority on the buyers list with odors being a close second. So pet owners and smokers beware. You might not notice the smell but the buyers do.  

Old for New- The two primary rooms that sell a  home are the kitchen and the bathroom. If a kitchen or bathroom renovation is too far out in the budget consider new hardware on cabinet doors. If the wallpaper in the kitchen is as old as the house why not remove it and give the kitchen a fresh coat of neutral colour paint. Ditto in the bathroom. Puffy new colour matched towels in the bathroom are an inexpensive accent. If something is broken or not working right such as a faucet or hinge fix it or change it.  Worn counter tops or old taps should be changed along with light fixtures. Even a burnt out light bulb sends the signal that you didn’t take care of your house. 

Clear Spaces- If you have been using your dining room as a computer/office area because the dinette was big enough for your needs,  make sure to make the transformation to its proper use. In the buyers eyes bedrooms are not giant closets, neither are rec rooms bedrooms.  Buyers don’t like to guess what rooms are used for what. Dining rooms need ceiling light fixtures to define them; sitting rooms are marked by comfy chairs and reading lamps; family rooms are set off with couches and, of course, a TV.

Furnish Empty Rooms- Create visual space for the buyers even if you have moved out of town with the bulk of your furniture. Empty rooms are hard to visualize and for some buyers even intimadating. They can’t view themselves in there. Creating the space for them even if you have to rent furniture for a month or two is well worth the investment.

Let There Be Light- Once you have sparkle cleaned windows don’t cover them up with heavy fabric and especially don’t hide a great view. Open the blinds right up and let the natural light shine through.  The same goes for the floors especially if you have hardwood flooring leave them bare rather than add carpeting. Keep colours as neutral as possible with slight colour accent. Keep large picture art to a minimum. Add light fixtures to emphasize the brightness of the rooms.

Clear Hallways- You might like your laundry hamper in the hallway but the buyers will not. Hallways and stairs should be free of anything that would distract the buyers. Even plants at the end of the steps can make them look smaller. Visually create open hallways between rooms that share floor space such as the dining room and living room. 

Empty Closets- Pack your non seasonal clothes and shoes  and make room in the closet. Neatly displayed clothes even colour coordinated in your closet will make it look bigger because you know the buyers will look there. Beware of making them look empty though. If you are selling in the fall pack and store all of your summer clothes. That will make a difference in your closet.

Curb appeal counts- First impressions are set in the buyers mind as they approach the door. Clean driveway, sidewalk , steps and flower beds will sell a house before the buyers even get in. It doesn’t have to be expensive it just has to look good. Get rid of old bushes and half dead trees. Again clean looking on the outside speaks more than a thousand words to the buyers.

Take a Picture- Photos and Visual Tours sell a home before the buyers even go through it. Take a few of your own and see if anything sticks out as out of place. You would be amazed at what the camera catches that the eye doesn’t see. Even a ruffled bedspread can make the room look messy and unkept. Buyers will first look at your home on the internet so let them see it at its best. 

Home Owners Sell Fast At The Right Price.




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