Set Your Child Up for School Success This Year

Posted: September 8, 2011 in General Information
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There are so many websites encouraging you to pack your kids a healthy lunch but yet the same articles spash white bread and sugary snacks as healthy choice. The truth is there is nothing healthy about white bread which turns to sugar in the stomach. Here are some truly beneficial things to give your kids to eat and to turn the wave of obesity and diabetes around.
Beside a balanced blend of exercises,  nutritious raw  food is your healthiest choice. Get yourself a powerful blender and pack it with a few frozen and some fresh fruits add a handful of greens such as spinach, arugula, brocoli, peppers. Blend till smooth and voila. Your kids will think you made milkshakes especially if you add a few ice cube to make it cold. Greens always taste better cold. You  might even consider to add a handful of raw nuts for protein but stay away from peanuts as they are mold agent.
Don’t know what to give them for lunch how about a multi grain wrap with raw almond butter spread over it, a sprinkle of cinnamon and wrapped around a banana. You might have to pack two of these the next day as the other kids in the lunch room might offer your child money for their lunch.
As mammals on this earth we are the only creatures that feed their kids milk products after weaning them. More and more studies have proven that todays milk is full of hormones and chemicals. Milk products increase phlegm production in the sinus and throat  and therefore increases  baterial growth which manifests itself in respitory problems which are more and more prevalent in children. Your kids will get more calcium from a smoothie which has a few stalks of brocoli than they will from an 8oz. glass of milk.

The critical element with children is making sure they get enough minerals and green-leafy foods.

  • Coconut oil – It is one of the best things for a child’s immune system. It is also great food for breast-feeding mothers.

  • Green smoothies and green juices – Fabulous for chlorophyll, minerals, photonutrients, and vitamins.               

So go ahead read about, learn and experiment with new healthy raw food recipes. The internet is full of options and ideas and watch your kids grow strong,  healthy and disease free.

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