The warning is out that on Friday, Canada could be  in the path of a bus-sized satellite, that’s half a ton of metal junk, which is expected to fall as a hail of seared metal, the largest chunks weighing up to 159 kg.
I can’t help but reflect as I read the articles mentioning a woman from Tulsa  Oklahoma who was struck on the shoulder in 1997 from a streaking chunk of a falling satellite. Thankfully the woman was not hurt but the damage could have been catastrophic. Scientist estimate the object to reach a speed of 130km per hour by the time they reach the earth, so a direct hit could be fatal. That’s like getting run over by a car on 401 (yes, they do drive that fast).

 I find it rather hilarious that the media just kind of brushes it off as a “bah, hum bug” attitude as if to say “if you’re the poor sucker in the path then, too bad, so sad” attitude. It is estimated that your chance of getting hit is 1 in 3200. If I am correct I think my odds of winning the lottery or getting hit by lightning are actually lesser than this. So in an attempt not to cause panic in the populace the media just presses the story down as if it’s no big deal.

I don’t know about you but I think we should be worried. What if I’m walking to Tim Horton’s tomorrow, on my way to get a coffee for my assistant,  and I get hit in the head? I wouldn’t know what hit me but neither would anyone else. I could be sitting in my office and a piece could come crashing in the large front window. That’s bound to do some damages.  159 kg.  is the size of a child. If you toss him about at 130km dressed in a steel suit,that would make a major dent not only in the window but in all the surrounding offices as I’m sure it will keep on travelling before it comes to a complete stop.
What if I’m in my car somewhere on 401? Again, I wouldn’t know what hit me but the impact would be just as great and that would make the traffic report for the day and cause major line up and gawking would be at it’s prime probably slowing traffic to a near stop. Is there anywhere that is really safe? Maybe Tulsa Oklahoma. What’s the chance of a second hit? I hope it’s more than 1 in 3200 or else we’re all in big trouble.

That kind of remind me of real estate in a way. How some people are willing to take chances on selling their homes either themselves or with inexperienced and part-time agents. It’s kind of like a shot in the dark. At least if the satellite hits at night you’ll see it coming but the same is not true from a bad listing. If the homework has not been done that home owner is like a sitting duck waiting to be hit. Selling a home requires marketing plan and actions otherwise the home will just sit there and lose value in the eyes of the buyers and financial value.

So, I’m not sure where I’ll be Friday but if you find me face down in the parking lot at Tim Horton then you’ll know “the rest of the story”.

Dale Dyer, is a broker and an experienced negotiator at Remax Twin City Real Estate Inc. Brokerage in Cambridge, ON.




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