Getting rid of kitchen clutter

Posted: September 23, 2011 in General Information, Sellers
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 In the attempt of getting your home ready to sell, the kitchen is a good place to start removing clutter.

First make the assessment of what you need to conduct normal every day  living. By this we mean if there are four persons in your household then you would need four plates, four bowls, four cups, four glasses, four forks, knives and spoons. Pack the rest away. What piece of cookware do you use the most. Keep the useful and pack the seldom used items.

Second work at clearing the counters which includes the toaster and coffee maker. Find a spot in a cabinet and take it out only when you use it, making sure to put it back when you’re done. If you keep the bare minimum you should be able to find a place for all appliances that you will be using in the next couple of months.

Homebuyers will open most if not all the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen so you want to make sure to give a roomy feeling.  They want to be sure that there is enough room for all of their stuff. If you have a junk drawer then get rid of the junk. If you have a rarely used crock pot, put it in storage. You want to create open space. This is a good time to gather unused items for a garage sale. Take advantage of it.

If your pantry looks like it could withstand a great depression start thinning out the goods, especially the canned goods. They are heavy and you probably don’t want to lug them or pay a mover to do that. Check expiry dates and get rid of old stuff. Use up as much as you can in the next little while. Don’t worry, you can restock after you move to your new place. There will be a grocery store not too far unless you’re moving to no man’s land.

Clean out the products below the sink and remove as much cleaning supplies as possible. Make sure to scrub the shelf and check for any tell-tale signs of water leaks that may cause homebuyers to hesitate in buying your home. Make sure taps are not leaking or dripping and fix if needed.

Keep one or two recipe books if you must but pack the rest.

Hide the dish and hand towel inside the cupboards and not on the stove handle. It will look neater to the buyers when they walk in.

Smells are the number two deterrent for the buyers. So, keep it sweet with a cup of water with a dash of vanilla and cinnamon boiled on the stove for 10 minutes which will give the kitchen a homey, welcoming scent. The number one deterrent is dirt. So, keep it clean. Wipe down the cupboard doors, shelves, top of the fridge, stove hood, floor or anything that could accumulate dirt.

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