Fall is the time to Plant

Posted: October 26, 2011 in General Information, Sellers, Videos
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With yards turning from green and colourful to more muted browns, yellows, oranges and reds, and fallen leaves beginning to cover the garden, it’s hard to skip the mind forward towards next spring and summer. But fall is the time for some forethought and to literally plant the seeds for the future.

Put Your Roots Down this Fall

Believe it or not, fall is the perfect planting season Soil Conditions: In the fall, the soil is still warm and the weather is moist, creating ideal planting conditions for rooted container perennials, trees and shrubs.

  • Cooler Temperatures: Fall brings cooler weather, which means less heat stress on young plants, giving them a better chance to establish good root structure. This ultimately gives plants a nice head start for the following spring. Just remember to protect your plants from the extreme cold of winter with a barrier of burlap or similar material.
  • Less Watering: During spring and summer, young plants need plenty of water, often numerous times a day. In fall, however, significantly less water is needed, usually just once a day.

Here’s a little fun with “Getting there Green Videos”

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