New ‘radical look’ smoke alarm gets thumbs up from homeowners

Posted: January 19, 2012 in General Information, Home Reno's & Decor
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(NC)—Interior designers have been quick to embrace the arrival of new, low-profile smoke and carbon monoxide alarms on the market. Now it seems home builders and homeowners, too, are catching the excitement.

“Alarm designs have not changed much since they were first introduced over 25 years ago,” says Carol Heller, a safety specialist with industry leader, Kidde Canada. “So this new radical change in design raised some eyebrows at first. But now it is proving quite popular with new home builders, renovators, and people looking to make sure their design style is not compromised when it comes to fire protection for their family.” Kidde Canada manufactures more than 80 per cent of all smoke and carbon monoxide alarms sold across the country.

The company’s new Silhouette line of both smoke and carbon monoxide alarms is considerably lower profile than traditional alarms. The units are wired into a home’s electrical system, but feature a sealed rechargeable battery for back-up in case of power outage, lasting for the life of the alarm. For smoke alarms this is 10 years; CO alarm lifespan is seven years.

Smoke alarms also feature: a single button for Test and Hush; an LED indicating the alarm condition; and as memory that stores information each time the alarm sounds.

The low-profile carbon monoxide alarms give you: a backlit digital display that indicates any presence of the deadly gas; a single Peak Level and Test button; and a signal that sounds when the alarm approaches the end of its seven-year life.

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