City of Cambridge to relax rules on basement apartments

Posted: March 6, 2012 in General Information, Sellers
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The city of Cambridge is looking to relax the rules that allow basement apartments right across the city.

Under the proposed changes these units would no longer require the pricey $5,000 zoning amendment to be allowed in urban areas.

A simple permit would do, providing safety and building standards are followed.

Other criteria aimed at making sure the units fit in with the neighbourhood must be met as well. The permit fees have yet to be set.

The plan still need to be voted on by city council.

Basement apartments need to be safe and are certainly more than for in-laws and seniors. Many people caught in the crunch of recession have looked at basement apartment as a way to ease the mortgage cost. Even those looking to downsize consider basement apartment as a way to maximize usage and at the same time keeping their homes.

Each city in the Tri-City area has had to establish policies in light of the provincial Bill 140, passed last May which emphasizes strong communities through affordable housing. Cambridge which is expecting a 50,000 increase in population within the next 20 years prefers to facilitate the creation of such housing rather than oppose it in an effort to maximize safety by allowing property owners to cut through the zoning amendment red-tape.

Some of the requirements for basement apartment include adequate parking. An existing driveway, however, can be used without a separate access to the street.

The process of updating the city’s official plan could take six months or longer as the region’s official plan are under appeal.
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