Top 10 must-have tools for your toolbox

Posted: April 16, 2012 in General Information, Sellers
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   Most often, purchasing a home will come with some kind of renovation or decorating project. To help with those projects, consider stocking your toolbox with these basic tools, and if you buy good quality, most of them will literally last a lifetime.

Electrical tester – Use it before you work on any electrical circuit to be sure it’s safe and there’s no current.

Hammer – Preferably 16-ounces with a curved claw for pulling nails and with a fiberglass handle to help cushion shock.

Level – Allows you to make sure whatever pictures or shelving you put up are straight and level.

Pliers set – Needle noses are necessary for wiring, while wire cutting and small slip joint pliers not only cut wire but can double as wire strippers.

Power drill – A reversible power drill is an essential, and don’t forget to get various-sized drill bits as well.

Saw – Choose a small 12 to15 inch handsaw or circular saw for larger projects.

Screwdrivers – Start out with a single screwdriver that has interchangeable bits as it’s good for most jobs around the house.

Stud finder – If you’re hanging shelves, you’ll want to be sure to mount them on studs.

Tape measure – Be sure the tape has clear contrasting markings and is both broad and strong so it won’t droop when extended.

Utility knife – Great for cutting flooring or plastic.

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