Selling a Home? What you should know before closing.

Posted: July 19, 2012 in Sellers
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Closing day is always a hectic one so here are some pointers to get you readyahead of time:

  • Verify that  your lawyer has received copy of deed, mortgage, survey and current property tax bills ahead of closing.
  • Make sure house insurance remains on the property until “closed” even if you are moving out ahead of time. Advise your insurer if the home will be empty for a while before closing day.
  • A few days before closing provide your lawyer with an extra set of keys which will be handed in to the buyer’s lawyer for closing day.
  • Make arrangements to have the utility meters read on closing day to avoid overpayments. Also remember to notify the cable and phone providers that your service will be disconnected or moved ahead of time. If your house is heated with an oil tank, you will also need to make arrangements to fill the tank on the closing day.
  • Verify that any pre-authorized or post-dated cheques are cancelled at your bank, to avoid double payment.
  • Keys are usually available to the buyers around 5pm and sometimes sooner so be prepared to be out before then.
  • Give the place a final sweep or vacuum before the final lock down after you’ve checked every room to make sure that nothing was forgotten and that all garbage have been removed.

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