If you have outgrown your small walk-in closet, or are having trouble sharing it with your partner or spouse, perhaps it’s time to think about adding a wardrobe feature to solve the “yours versus mine” bedroom dilemma. Many couples are faced with space challenges when sharing a closet. The wardrobe is simply a perfect solution. The concept of a wardrobe has come a long way since the armoire of yesterday, which often lacked the variety of storage solutions. Today the possibilities are endless.

Start by determining your needs. There are many options when it comes to a custom fitted or a free standing wardrobe. The multipurpose and multifunctional wardrobe is ideal for any bedroom where current storage is insufficient for two persons. You can choose from a hidden wardrobe within your closet space or an exterior wardrobe adding to the decor of your room. You would be amazed at what can be done now a day to expand your space without making it look overcrowded. Whether you are looking for more drawers or more hanging space or just in need of shelves for all those sweaters and t-shirts, the wardrobe, offer all the benefits of having a second closet and you can choose from simple to elegant and luxurious looks. With some companies you even have options as to wood grains, smooth finishes and décor matching.

With the wardrobe is also comes the choice of adding optional accessories such as deeper shelves, a removable laundry basket, and jewelry drawers, a pull out tie and belt rack, drawer dividers to keep it all neatly in place, the choice is yours. You could even incorporate a custom-fitted ironing board if the space permits you. Optional accessories can easily help turn a cluttered mess into a work of art for the storage solution.

Many vendors such as Organized Interiors’ in Woodbridge which manufactures right on site, offer you designers assistance to help you choose a style and help you design the perfect storage solution for your bedroom or den. No matter what you choose you can turn your needs for storage space into inspirational piece of furniture. Possibilities are endless.

The potential of a wardrobe is often to double and even triple the space for all of your belongings and clothes. You will have a functional, valuable piece of furniture that will add value to your home if you decide to sell or you can just exclude it from the listing and move it to your new home  just like a piece of furniture. If that is your decision be sure to leave a business card from the retailer that you purchased it from because the new home owners will certainly want to do the same when they see how smart your closet looks.


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