Is Your Home Ready for Winter?

Posted: September 25, 2012 in General Information, Sellers
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The cause for high heating bills and uncomfortable drafts are uniquely caused by specific conditions in each home, however, the there are some common reasons.  

 It’s Time to Complete Some Quick Checks Around Your Home

 Fall begins on Saturday and now that summer has ended, and the days have started to get shorter, you  should be preparing your home for the coming winter season.  Here are some quick checks that should be completed around your home this Fall:

Foundation – Masonry – Exterior

  • Check foundation walls, floors, concrete and masonry for cracking, heaving or deterioration
  • Check chimneys for loose, deteriorated or missing mortar
  • Check gutters and downspouts for damage or debris


  • Check flashings around all vents, skylights and other openings
  • Trim back all tree limbs and vegetation away from home

Heating and Cooling

  • Have a qualified heating contractor lubricate fan and motor bearings and check fan belt tension
  • Inspect and change the furnace filter, if required


  • If you’re on well water, have the water tested and checked for safety
  • Check for plumbing leaks under sinks and in the basement
  • Winterize any exterior plumbing connections

Doors and Windows

  • Check for loose or missing glazing putty
  • Check caulking for deterioration of all openings and joints between wood, vinyl, aluminum and masonry
  • Check weather-stripping around windows and doors (and check your attic hatch while you’re at it)

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