The “Tuned-Up” Wireless Doorbell

Posted: September 27, 2012 in General Information, Home Reno's & Decor
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Wireless door bells are ideal for knowing if someone’s at the front door, especially when you’re out back, or in the basement. But unlike door bells with the same-old, same-old chime, you can customize the Swann DJ Doorbell chime to play your favourite song, just like a ringtone for your mobile phone. It’s as easy as inserting an SD memory card into the doorbell.

The DJ Doorbell will retail for around $50. It’s designed for quick DIY installation. The “doorbell button” has a range of 330 feet from the base so  you can position the “ringer” where you’ll hear it – inside or outside.

Check out and type “dj doorbell” into the search field.

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