Identity Theft used to be about stealing a wallet – and in some cases it still is… but today there’s more to safeguard.

1. Shred everything – Don’t offer “dumpster diving” thieves personal or financial information.  You can purchase an inexpensive shredder from Wal-Mart or Sears that fits over your own garbage pail.

2. Put a lock on the mailbox.

3. Hide your PIN numbers and be aware of “shoulder surfing” anytime you enter a PIN during a transaction.

4. When ordering cheques, only print your initials instead of the whole name. Better yet, order them directly from your bank online.

5. Don’t open email messages that look like they’re from a trusted company asking you to visit a website to confirm account information. They’re “phishing.” Yes, for gullible guppies.
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6. Don’t disclose personal information to inbound callers – even if it seems like they’re calling from someone you do, or want to do business with.

7. If you get Credit Inquiries – but have not made any Applications – someone may be setting up to borrow or use your identity… Follow through on why “the Credit Agency” asked questions.

An ounce of protective measure will go a long way in avoiding identity theft.

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