Home Flood Quick Stop

Posted: October 10, 2012 in General Information, Home Reno's & Decor
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Burst pipe, hot water tank split, or a toilet tank crack – can suddenly have water gushing into y our home. Every home has a Main Shutoff Valve – know where yours is? Does it even work?

In many homes, the Main Shutoff Valve is located near the water meter, where the main water supply enters the home. Label the valve for easy reference.
Be sure the following fixtures and appliances have their own water shutoff valves;:sinks, toilets, dishwasher, hot water heater, laundry area, refrigerator, and garden faucet.

“Test” to be sure the shutoff valves can be completely closed. Valves can rust open or only partially close. Don’t wait for “panic time” to find out!

When travelling, consider shutting-off the water supply to the entire home. This eliminates any “welcome back” surprise of water damage from a leaky pipe.

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