Getting Ready to Move in Your New Home

Posted: October 16, 2012 in Buyers
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Part of the Agreement of Purchase and Sales addresses the fixtures and chattels that are to remain in the home being purchased.

Fixtures are attached to the lands; chattels are not. That is not always clear so to avoid misunderstanding and stress it is best to spell it out in the clauses. Try to avoid general statements such as “built-in.” They may not be built in after all and may only be attached by a hook or other device that can be easily removed. A microwave, dishwasher or bookcase could easily be removed. Be careful and clear when the contract is written. List the make and model number of all appliances, and also note the colour and location of any drapes, carpeting, closet organizers, bookcases, cabinets, mirrors, pool equipment, satellite dishes, barbecues, sheds, garage door openers and anything else that you expect to be on the property after you  move in.

A home inspection is not just a nice suggestion or something to make you spend money but it is highly advised and the best investment that you can make considering that purchasing a home is the largest investment that you will make. A good home inspector will look at all the home systems such as electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling, structures and give you a detail status on their conditions.

When doing your final walk through of the home be diligent to look in details and to make sure that nothing has materially changed since the home inspection, open every drawer and cupboards, try every tap, flush every toilet, and test all appliances and light switches. Check that any repairs have been done properly and that the home is left in a clean condition with all of the sellers belongings removed. The walk through is also a good time to find the manuals for appliances, furnace and air-conditioner. If the home has automatic garage openers they should be left out for you to test. If there are any problems or issues discuss them with your Real Estate agent before closing.

Remember that closing time could be delayed depending on how busy the land registry office is. Your lawyer will advise you when he has received the keys. Typically this occurs late afternoon.


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