Will Roundabouts affect Real Estate Home Value?

Posted: December 13, 2012 in Buyers, General Information, Investment, Sellers
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As a Realtor I read many stories on house and homes but the one that caught my attention was  the story I read a while back about a three-story penthouse in London England’s Knightsbridge neighborhood that had been sold for about $221 million dollar—and it’s a fixer-upper!!! Can you imagine that? The owner bought the unit with bare walls and no amenities and is expected to spend up to $100 million to finish it. Thank goodness this is not part of our Real Estate stories here at DaleDyer.com and on the Dale Dyer Team.

Roundabouts are more of the story at hand. With the Kitchener-Waterloo region and now Cambridge planning on adding roundabouts to its traffic nightmare, members of the St. Benedict school council set up a Facebook page to discuss the concerns with regional Councillors and  Folks are encourages to learn more about the proposed roundabout in front of the school and roundabouts in general. The page is meant to be non-partisan and those in favour or against are encouraged to take part in the discussion.

The Franklin Saginaw intersection is used heavily by pedestrians of all ages accessing businesses on four corners of the intersection as well as community resources such as the Clemens Mill Library and recreational programs at our parks.

I get many Real Estate questions and one of them was about roundabouts as a client wanted to know if they could affect the value of their home. Good question but roundabouts are such a new innovation to our area that there wouldn’t be enough Real Estate statistics to prove one way or the other. Time will tell.

Since their inception in 2004 local governments have built 37 circles to improve traffic safety, improve traffic flow and Roundaboutsreduce idling and there are more in the planning. So we know that roundabouts are meant to stay. The best thing to do is to get educated about how to enter, manoeuvre and exit a roundabout and the Waterloo Region has put together a great site to educate the general driving public. But as some local politicians have said:  “you can’t fix stupid” and blame bad drivers and distracted pedestrians especially those texting while walking for some of the fender-benders rather than the signs and designs themselves.

Bottom line is Roundabouts are here to stay. Make the best of them by learning how to use them.

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