Selling a home with bad neighbours

Posted: February 7, 2013 in Buyers, General Information, Sellers
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annoying neighbour

This is NOT the way to deal with a neighbour.
Just thought I’d add a little humour to it all.

What makes for a bad neighbour? Most of us try to get along but there are some folks that just take more efforts than others.  The fact that the neighbours don’t bring in their recycle box for three or four days after the truck has picked up the recyclable is not so much on the list of bad neighbours. Even the Christmas lights that are still up until spring are not cause for alarm even though you just get annoyed by it all.  We’re talking about the annoying pet that barks at all hours or the day or night (there are bylaws for this), the unkempt yard-you know the one with the toilet still sitting on the front lawn week after week, maybe it’s unpleasant odours or extreme loud music, two cars parked on the lawn even though there is a double driveway that is constantly occupied, dangerous trees, poorly maintained yards and exteriors, all contribute to a downward value of homes and neighbourhoods. The old saying that fences make good neighbours has more truth than you might think.

Homeowners might consider a neighbourhood association which can sometimes deal with one homeowner as a group rather than try to confront a person one on one.  Looking at any planning or subdivision restrictions could help to see if a neighbour is committing an offense. If all else fails, calling a lawyer could be less expensive than the loss of value in your home.

For potential home buyers I would suggest making multiple visits to the neighbourhood that you are considering at various times of the day and the week to get a feel of what the neighbourhood is like. You should also be aware of the proximity of commercial facilities when looking to purchase a home as this could lower the value of your home.

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