Hespeler Librairy

Wikipedia might say that Hespeler is a “Dissolved Town” but ask anyone in the Hespeler Family Friendly Neighbourhood and you will soon find out that it is very much alive in spite of its amalgamation with the City of Galt and the Town of Preston to form the City of Cambridge. There is a sense of pride from the folks that live here. Maybe because of its rich history or  its geographical location- North of the 401 and gently carousing the Speed River-Hespeler is a vibrant family friendly neighbourhood.

See Home in Hespeler Family Friendly Neighbourhood.

The once dubbed “Village of Hespeler” has grown to a large and modern town within the City of Cambridge with many expansions and developments in continous process. Newer subdivisions in Hespeler Family Friendly Neighbourhood have made their way throughout the area. Old buildings have been knocked down and modern new ones like the Hespeler Librairy have popped up like wild mushrooms.

Whether you already live in Cambridge or are planning to move here, Hespeler Family Friendly Neighbourhood is one area of the city of Cambridge that you will love. Boasting all of the necessities from schools, to shopping, to activities Hespeler area has it all or almost and what it doesn’t have is just a short drive down the Highway.


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