How to select a customized hardwood floor in 4 easy steps

Posted: April 18, 2013 in Buyers, Home Reno's & Decor, Sellers
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Hardwood(NC)—No other flooring option delivers splendour, warmth and value of natural wood. Today there are countless colours available to choose from as well as different species, each with their unique characteristics. No matter the decor style of your home – modern, contemporary, zen, rustic or urban – today’s hardwood flooring manufacturers have something for every style and taste.

In fact, one of North America’s leading manufacturers, Mercier Wood Flooring, boasts over 13 wood species and 74 rich colors and one can choose among over 2,000 options of every conceivable description.

“From natural rustic looks to cutting edge contemporary, we can offer so many colors, species, finishes, strip widths, and grades that the possibilities for personalizing your floor are almost endless,” explained Michel Collin, Director of Marketing for Mercier. Here are the four key steps to consider, according to Collin, to create a unique centerpiece hardwood floor that’s custom tailored for any interior space from country home to urban loft.

1. Color scheme

Are you looking for something light or dark? Understated or with bold character? Choose the color that best matches your decor from a wide variety of colors available in each species. For uniform hue and a clean look, opt for either “Select & Better” or “Premium” grades. If you enjoy more pronounced color variation and wood with more character, you may prefer “Antique” or “Classic” grades.

2. Species

From Red Oak, Hard Maple, Yellow Birch, White Ash, White Oak or Brazilian Cherry, each wood species has its own personality and distinct look (grades and width) that comes across in its maturity, hardness, and durability.

3. Gloss

Depending on the species, you can choose between a matte, semi-gloss and satin finish. A matte, semi-gloss finish tends to project a more formal atmosphere; whereas the natural look of a satin finish will feel more casual and better disguise wear and tear.

4. Widths and textures

Wider planks, which are becoming increasingly popular, tend to create a more casual rustic appearance, while narrow planks are more formal. Manufacturers, such as Mercier, are now offering 6 ½” and even 7 1/4” boards in certain species. This is part of the emerging trend of the last few years where consumers are seeking out more rustic looks for their hardwood flooring choices. Along with wider boards, another way this is achieved is with the latest use of different textures to give wood either a distressed look of barn wood, prominent knots, or the natural lines of boards planed the old fashioned way. More information on the Nature Collection and the latest trends in wood flooring is available at

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