paint test(NC)—Paint is the best way to bring new life and style into your home, but sometimes finding the perfect colour can be a challenge. It can be overwhelming to go into a paint store and see an array of paint chips in a sea of colours – even if you think you know the colour you want. We’ve all had that experience where we’ve seen the “perfect” colour in a magazine or on television, only to get it home and find it looks different in our space. Often, landing on the right colour is all about the lighting. While paint formulas remain consistent, the combination of natural and ambient lighting in each room will cause the colour to look different on the wall.

“The trick is to bring home a few tester cans in various shades of the same colour to see how it looks in your space,” says blogger Jennifer Flores of Rambling Renovators. “The paint may look great in the store, but in your own home with the mix of natural and electric light the colour may be completely different.” Flores cites PARA Paints’ various shades of white from the bright white of Coconut Sugar (PF60) to the warmer White Chocolate (PF27) to cool, crisp Princess Cut (PF57) as each bringing a different energy to a room. Wall paint will also look different when it’s wet and will often dry to a lighter shade so having a test patch that dries completely is the best way to be sure.

Tips for Paint Perfection

• Flat or matte finish will absorb light and hide imperfections

– Best used in bedrooms, dining or living rooms

• Semi-gloss or high-gloss reflects light and is best used on perfectly smooth surfaces

– Best used on trim and doors, and is not recommended for walls

• Bring tester cans home and test patches of each on wall

• Natural and electric light can impact colour so be sure you see your paint test with both

• Talk to an expert at your local independent paint dealer

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