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Posted: July 16, 2013 in Buyers, General Information
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concretehome(NC)—Home-building technology is solving the high cost of heating and cooling. The traditional wood framing for walls can now be replaced by a totally different system using the pre-assembled, interlocking ‘insulated concrete form’.

“Our ICF system creates an envelope of superior strength, insulation, conservation, and energy efficiency,” says Todd Blyth at the offices of Nudura Integrated Building Technology, a Canadian leader in this field both north and south of the border.

“Instead of wood walls, the ICF system interlocks to create one monolithic wall with a thickness from 10 to 30 centimetres (4 to 12 inches). This immediately gives your house better wind and fire protection, better sound resistance, improved temperature control and many additional occupant comforts,” Blyth explained. “Better still, the insulation and durability delivered can save you up to 70 per cent on your energy bills. You get a far stronger and ‘greener’ house but with a warm and inviting atmosphere.”

And yet, once the practicality and the good health of the occupant are assured, it is the aesthetic beauty of the house inside and out that is an equally important ‘dream home’ feature, Blyth continued. “A concrete home can be designed outside for smart-looking brick, or for more creative finishes like stone, stucco, wood siding and more, just like a traditional house. Inside, all of the beautiful architectural shapes, like arches, bay windows, and specific door styles – can be easily achieved for a spectacular interior design.”

Building the walls with concrete is an option, he says, that needs to be decided and requested early in the planning.

“ICF construction is already a decade underway, but breaking away from yesterday’s standard is still a slow process for many builders. At the construction site however, the pre-assembled concrete forms lock together, like Lego, to build the walls far quicker than wood-framing, with far less waste, so its popularity with builders is only a matter of time.

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