Dale Dyer Sells HomesSelling your home is not what it used to be. Plucking a sign on your front yard just won’t do it anymore. Buyers are savvy, bold and not willing to give their money away without value coming back to them. Preparing for the sale of your home is imperative and you need to have strategic planning in place.

Start with the right agent.  Remember that cheap does not necessarily mean better and the old adage “you get what you paid for” is that much more important for the sale of your home. Start by interviewing a few agents and look at their marketing plan and their social media presence. Ask the agent directly why you should hire him? What does he do differently than other agents? Ask for references.

Getting the house ready before you put it up for sale will require planning. Are there lots of little jobs that need to be addressed. Get them done. Hiring a stager is probably the smartest financial decision that you can make. Your Realtor can recommend and refer you to a good stager. Declutering is just as important as location.

Next you will want to price your home just right. Try to be greedy and your home could sit on the market for months. Try to sell it below market value and you could get stigmatized as buyers will wonder why it’s so cheap in comparison to other homes in your area. The first two weeks on the market are crucial. Your Realtor will give you comparison and value to establish the right price. Remember that your home is only worth as much as a Buyer is willing to pay.

A Realtor with a great marketing plan will include Visual Tour and professional looking photos. Pictures are worth a thousand words is true to this industry so your cell phone photos will not do.  Your home has to be spotless for the photo session and every room needs to be attractive to potential buyers. 

Once your home is listed make sure that buyers can get in to see it. If you restrict access you could miss out on the buyer for your home. Buyers will not wait around and will move on to the next home for sale where owners are more accommodating.

Some Real Estate articles will mention good times and bad times to list your home. I tend to differ with a lot of them. Sure more homes are for sale in the spring but then so is your competition increased. Remember that buyers could be looking for as long as six months. A fall or winter  listing could drastically limit your competition and bring you an offer from one of those serious buyers.

Location can be an  issue and sometimes there is not a lot that you can do about it.  Create a private garden or sitting area, a water fountain or a peaceful setting can overcome many flaws. You can’t move the home but turning your yard into a small retreat (without overdoing it of course) and giving it few points of interest, lowering the price a bit could give your home that competitive push that it needs for a quick sale.

Ready to sell or thinking about selling? Start Here! It’s the best move you’ll ever make!


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