Here is another video in the series how a Realtor does the work for you.  We’ve put together a list of how we help buyers to find their dream home and we came up with 50 reasons why use a Buyer’s agent.  Would you know if you’re about to pay too much for your home? How will you know the market value? Do you know what other homes sold for in that neighbourhood? How about the bylaws of that area? If you were thinking about renting the basement of your new home for added income wouldn’t that be a  bummer to find out after you purchased the home that the bylaws do not allow it. How about thinking that you could add a garage or an addition to the house and after you buy it, again you find out that the city bylaws have such strict requirements and that your property doesn’t meet those requirements. Would you know what to look for as sign that the home had water in the basement. Don’t be fooled it is not always easily seen. A keen and knowledgeable agent will know what to look for.  Using a Buyer’s Agent means that you are hiring your own private personal agent to work for you. But the best part of it is that he gets paid by the seller not the buyer. How cool is that.
Buyer’s agent will help you all the way from finding that perfect dream home to financing, negotiation, inspection, closing. And if you have a great agent you will hear from him after you have closed. And then again, and again. Because you see a good agent doesn’t just sell you a home. He also builds friendships.

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