Let me ask you what you think when you hear the word: Lawyer? Might be “Awesome” or “Liar”. What do you think when you hear the word: “Retail Clerk“. Your response might be “Helpful” or “Dud”. One more question just for fun, how about the word: “Tim Horton’s”. Again your answer could be “Best coffee” or it could  be “Hello is anybody Home?”. What do you think about when you hear the word: Realtor? Opinions might be mixed between “Great Help” or “Schyster”. Does the opinion of others whether good or bad means that the people behind these titles are not equipped or knowledgeable to handle the product or service they provide? So often we create in our mind a totally unfounded opinion of things or people. Because someone acts stupid in a situation it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are and operate their lives in a constant state of stupidity. Come on, let’s face it we have all done stupid things and we’ve all done things that would have qualified us as genius. We sometimes allow bad experiences to qualify everything or everyone as bad or lousy based on our own thoughts. The same is true for good experiences. We might over praise something that we felt was so amazing where someone else feels less than excited. I know someone who will  not go to a certain restaurant because he had a bad food experience, 10 years ago. The restaurant was sold three times and has had change of cooks multiple times. 
When it comes to service the onus really belongs to those purchasing the services. Want a good lawyer then talk to friends, family, co-workers about who they used and their experience. Don’t make your opinion on one person whether good or bad because you know that opinions are just that – everybody has one. Do your homework. Verify the experience and the knowledge. Oh! and don’t believe every self boasting propaganda out there. You know the ones that state that the company or individual is No 1, Best of them all, sells a house a day. Who cares! You want someone who will do the job with integrity and honesty. Those values are still and should be the number one priorities of any individual.  Ask that person for references and check them out.  You’ll know whether the person is sincere or whether they are the service provider’s brother-in-law who gets a cut on every referral he sends.

 If you ask anyone in any type of service  industry they will tell you that they’ve had good clients and I don’t really want to say “bad” clients but rather challenging clients. I’m sure in my dealing with service folks for my own personal use that I’ve sometimes been a great client and other time not so great. Perspective and understanding is all in a day’s work when dealing with others.
In defence however of my industry because I can’t really speak for everyone else out there, even though, I have my own opinion, I must say that most agents out there are very conscientious and well intentioned in doing a great job for our clients, friends and families.
So be diligent and do your homework…it’s not just for kids you know.



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