Before stepping out for the biggest purchase of your life – a home – you need to do some preparations. Before buying a house is not the time to buy big items such as a car or get a cash loan. You want your credit to be squeaky clean. Pay down debts before even getting engage in the home purchase. The cleaner your financial record the better especially now a days with new mortgage rules and banks stiffening the cords of lending. When you’re in a stable financial condition and have cleaned up your record then you should first get pre-approved to find out how much home you can actually afford. I can help you with this as a Mortgage Agent with Mortgage Alliance Canada. Read all about it and my Guarantee at
If you’re thinking Hespeler Real Estate you will need a heftier bank roll and the same goes for North Galt Real Estate with many newer constructed homes. Some older neighbourhoods like West Galt Real Estate might be more affordable for first time buyers. Knowing how much home you can afford will make your dream home shopping experience that much more sweeter especially when the “Sold” sign goes up.



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