If Hespeler Real Estate in Cambridge or  KW Real Estate is what you are interested in then finding the right neighbourhood can be quite a chore.

I love making lists so this is where I would begin with a list of the must have. Are you dependent on public transportations to get to work? Being on the bus route or near it would then be a great asset. I invite you to think outside the box though. You might not need public transportation now but how about your kids? Even if they are small now ask yourself if they might need buses to get to school or work as they enter into teen years. The important part here is not only to think in terms of immediate needs but to try to forcast to some extent 5, 10 even 15 years down the road. Look at the family as a whole and consider where each one might be in that period of time. Your six year old might not be in your mind when you are thinking transportation right now but give him 10 years and at 16 he’ll be wanting the car to get to work.

What about amenities like grocery stores, drugstores for all your medical needs, gym that is within the route of work and home? All of these can play a role in deciding where you would want to settle.

Hespeler Real EstateWhether you are looking to move to Cambridge and are considering Hespeler Real Estate or Chicopee Real Estate in KW you can be assure that I can help you find just the right location to grow your roots and offsprings. Give me a call now or better yet fill in the information by clicking on the link below and get the ball rolling right now towards your dream home.




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